Monday, March 23, 2015

Breaking News: Jarec Wentworth Arrested On Felony Extortion Charges

Okay so this one is just bizarre and reads like some weird plot of a movie-ten bucks says the victim has already sold the movie rights and is almost done with the first draft of the book.
So Str8upgayporn broke this news that Jarec Wentworth, a exclusive-or I guess former exclusive now-has been arrested for felony extortion charges. Wentworth, real name Teofil Brank, was arrested on March 4th at an LA Starbucks on Sepulveda. He reportedly demanded one million dollars from the victim as well as getting the title of the victim's Audi handed over to him and demanded that the victim buy him a 2 bedroom condo.
The victim's name has not been released but I'm guessing it's either a high profile A list celebrity, director or producer who is most likely married with children since Brank threatened to release pictures of them together as well as tell everyone about the victim's "sexual liaisons" with Brank.
The full story, including the whole affidavit, which I'm not even going to try to paraphrase, trust me y'all, you'll want to read the whole thing it's that bizarre and weird-at one point in text Brank even asks the victim if he will try to turn him in for extortion so he KNEW what he was doing was wrong! Anyway, the full article and affidavit, as I said, can be found here:
If Brank is convicted he can face up to 15 years in prison for the extortion, however, he could go to jail longer as a loaded gun was found in his car at the time of the arrest. He was denied bail as he is considered a high flight risk-he opened up a Wells Fargo Bank Account and got a Wells Fargo Euro Credit Card-which I didn't even know existed-so he could travel to and from and in Europe-and he is also considered a danger to the public. He is scheduled to be arraigned on March 26th, which ironically is also when is scheduled to release one of his scenes.
I'm still in shock over this. I have a hard time asking to borrow ten bucks from someone let alone asking someone for a million dollars, though Brank was originally fired from Randy Blue because he started to demand that the studio pay him royalties for his scenes. I get weird asking my roommate if I can use his stapler to staple my headshot and resume together when I have an audition let alone asking someone to hand over their Audi to me!
And what's with all these models being arrested? Like seriously, is that one of the questions on the application? Will you commit some huge crime?
So what are your thoughts on this one readers? Hit me up below in the comments.


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