Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating 10000 Readers With WWE'S Original PlayBoy Queen: Sable!

Wow! Over ten thousand readers and I just started this blog back in November????!!!! I'm shocked, proud, humbled and honored. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, shared it, talked about it, given me suggestions on subjects to write about. Seriously, I wouldn't still be doing this if it wasn't for you guys.
So, let's celebrate with WWE's first and only MILF-although now she's a GILF-and the first WWE Diva to pose for PlayBoy, ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, the smoking hot Sable!

Those of us who are old-school wrestling fans, back when WWE was WWF and when they were still doing awesomely creative and line crossing storylines before they got all PC and became The PTC's bitch will no doubt remember Sable; in fact I think it's a toss up between her and Miss Hancock which one gave us young boys our first boners and jerk-off fantasies ;)
She was born Rena Greek on August 8th, 1967 in Jacksonville Florida. As a child Rena was interested in horseback riding, softball and gymnastics and she won her first beauty pageant at 12 years old.
In 1990 she began modeling and worked for companies such as L'Oreal, Pepsi and Guess?
1996 was when she debut in WWF thanks to her then husband, fellow wrestler Marc Mero. Sable debut during WrestleMania XII escorting Triple H to the ring and it was on that night that she became one of the first WWF Divas.

In her time with the company she had feuds with Stephanie McMahon, Luna Vachon, Jaqueline and Torrie Wilson, who she was also involved in a creepy yet oddly cool lesbian stalker step-mother storyline. She was the 2nd WWF Women's Champion after the title was reinstated and, of course, she infamously filed that $110 million dollar lawsuit against WWF after she quit the company in June of 1999 citing sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. That's actually why she dropped the title to Debra on May 10th of that year because of her off-screen disputes with the company. Vince McMahon countersued Rena for control of the Sable stage name and in August of that year, they settled out of court after Rena reduced the amount of money she was seeking in damages.
I think we were all shocked when, on April 3rd 2003 we heard that familiar entrance music and watched Sable make her return on SmackDown!, looking better than ever! Side note: I actually went to high school with this girl who's mom looked exactly like Sable and I always wanted to fuck her mom so I could fulfill my Sable masturbation fantasies. I know, I know, I'm a bad person and I'm going to Hell but damn it her mom was hot!
Anyway, Rena left the company a second time on August 10th 2004, this time on good terms, in order to spend more time with her family.

Rena has been married three times. Her first marriage was in 1986 to Wayne W. Richardson. They were married until his tragic death in 1991 due to a drunk driving accident. They had one daughter.
In 1994 she married Marc Mero and in 2006 she married Brock Lesner. Her and Lesner have two sons and she also has a step-daughter from a previous relationship of Lesner's. In September of 2012 Rena became a grandmother after her daughter gave birth to a boy. Now you see where that GILF comment came in.
In regards to her PlayBoy career:
She has been featured on the cover of PlayBoy three times. Her first time on the cover (April of 1999) was one of the highest selling issues in PlayBoy history. In September of that same year she posed for the magazine a second time, making her the first woman to be given two covers in the same year. Her final pictorial for the magazine was in March of 2004 when she posed with Torrie Wilson making them the first WWE Divas to pose for PlayBoy together.
Besides that, Rena has also done some mainstream acting with some guest spots on a couple TV shows including Pacific Blue and roles in low-budget and direct to video indies.
She also has one of the greatest theme songs of any WWE diva ever! You can listen to it here: Pretty cool huh? I love this theme! It fits her and the Sable character perfectly.
Rena we love you!