Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update On The Jarec Wentworth Case

So as I posted Wentworth's arraignment is scheduled for today and, as promised, has released their latest scene with him. They're smart. They are profiting and exploiting this as they should. People are gonna watch his scenes now just because of this case.
Anyway, no word yet on what the verdict is but as soon as I hear I'll let you know but Str8upgayporn is reporting that Wentworth's bank accounts have been frozen and because of this his lawyer is trying to get him released since he has no money and is not a flight risk. However, the D.A. may argue that Wentworth is a danger to the public since a loaded gun was found at the scene and since Wentworth was born overseas and may have ties to foreign countries he could still be considered a flight risk.
For the full story as well as a peak at Wentworth's lawyer's motion for release head here:


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