Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Killian James And Michael Lucas Fighting

Happy Taco Tuesday everyone. Hope y'all are munching, or going to munch, on something tasty today ;)
In today's latest drama filled edition of Gays Of Our Lives we have this little gem which I saw posted on Str8upgayporn. Apparently Killian James and Michael Lucas are the latest in the gay porn world to have a Twitter war. I must admit, I get such a hard-on for these things. Maybe I'm a bad person but it's kind of fun to see people's drama and hatred for each other play out on social media for all the world to see and enjoy. Just pass me the popcorn child! And this one is a barn burner. You can see the full article about it here: http://str8upgayporn.com/fight-gay-porn-star-killian-james-calls-michael-lucas-a-piece-of-shit-liar/
To give you the Cliffs Notes version:
For those of you who don't know, Killian James is a pretty famous, if not the most famous, RentBoy. He also use to be signed over at Randy Blue. Ever since he left the studio last year he hasn't been signed exclusively to any other gay porn studio.
James sent out a Tweet, which he deleted almost immediately after posting but there's a screen grab of it which says: Wow, this just goes to show that Michael Lucas is a piece of shit liar. Pretty much threw down a contract in front of me.
Allegedly this Tweet was in response to this quote that Lucas said about James when asked about him in an interview: In the interview James says that he won't do bareback scenes-which is no big surprise he has made his views on safe sex known many, many times. Lucas is then quoted as saying that James contacted the company for work and was turned down because "he was not up to our standards."
More on this as, or even if, this story unfolds. See the adult industry is far more than just fucking and sucking and parodies. There's all kinds of fun drama that is way better than anything ANY reality show can produce!


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