Monday, March 30, 2015

Breaking News: Has Jarec Wentworth's Victim Just Been Identified?

Happy Monday my masturbating porn maniacs. :) Hope everyone's week is off to a great star. Okay so I have to admit I am obsessed with the Jarec Wentworth case. I have been obsessively checking every porn news site, typing every combo I can into the Google and The Yahoo and The Bing to see if there's anything new and, just a few minutes ago, the porn gods smiled on me with this:
This is why I love Str8upgayporn and have basically accepted Zach as my personal lord and savior haha.
Okay, so a few months ago there was some pictures of Sean Cody model Ashton at some very exclusive galas in some very big cities. One of the photos showed him with the brother of Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes; hey they could be log cabin Republicans you never know. ;) Anyway, the other person that Ashton was photographed with was Donald Burns.
Now for those of you who don't know, Burns is the multimillionaire founder of the telephone sex company MagicJack. He has also donated a ton of money to various presidential candidates from both parties and, aside from Ashton, Burns was also looking to set up "private meetings" with other Sean Cody models Jamie, Curtis and Randy using who as a pimp? You guessed it sports fans: Jarec Wentworth.
I'm not going to try to paraphrase the texts he sent to a couple of the boys, because honestly they need to be seen to be appreciated; they can be viewed by following the link up above.
I know what some of you may be asking, how does any of this prove that Burns was the extortion victim? Well, also viewable in that link is a little indictment from the trial which lists the victim under the initials D.B. I put two and two together and call me Mrs. Fletcher ;) Add to that the fact that in Burns' text to Jamie he mentions that Wentworth allegedly told him that Jamie would be up to getting together with Burns and spending time at his place, it's not hard to piece together what may have led to the extortion and if you read some of the comments on Str8upgayporn we're all on the same page. Wentworth got jealous that Burns was able to get all these models and that these models were able to go to fancy galas and parties and hobnob with all these big shots so he thinks, hey I want more. I want to get the royal treatment and boom! Extortion is born. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie but it's pretty juicy right?
Keep checking back, I'll be posting more updates as they become available. What are your guys' thoughts on the case and on this, possible, new revelation? Leave me some comments below.


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