Friday, March 27, 2015

In Memoriam: Matthew Edison Bremer AKA Corbin Fisher's Sean: January 31st 1990-March 26th 2012

I remember when this beautiful young man died a few years back. It seemed that his death really devastated a lot of people and sort of shook up the industry. Maybe it was because he was so young, only 22, or maybe it was because he seemed like such a nice guy who had it all together and had no problems at all, he looked like the type of guy who would lead a long life and die an old man like babies are supposed to. After his death there was a lot of talk that he overdosed on drugs and that he had a huge drug problem because he was really a closeted bisexual guy who couldn't handle keeping his "true" identity locked away. I don't know if any of that is true. All I do know is that we lost someone much too soon and by the memorial pages that sprung up for him he was well liked.
The folks over at Corbin Fisher, at the time of his death, described Matt as a very special guy who was well liked and someone that the higher ups at the company fell in love with from the first day he walked through the door.

He was popular with the fans, and why wouldn't he be, just look at him, and other models. He was even awarded the 2011 Model Of The Year award; an accomplishment his family listed in his obituary.
He also painted and worked alongside his father at HRC Painting and was a lover of motorcross. He was even a two time national ATV champion!
He had two brothers as well as a step-father and was survived by both grandparents at the time of his death. Born in Orlando, he graduated from Bayside High and lived most of his life in Palm Bay.
Rest In Peace beautiful boy. Heaven is lucky to have an angel as beautiful as you up there.


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  1. Not easy I use a translator to write this review. I am French I am called Patrick. I met Mathew Edison has eight days. I immediately was amazed by her look so sweet but so sad at times. I realized that this boy was something special. I enjoyed your comment joe Filipone that better than you could write book or film about the life of Mathew. All those fans and his family would be happy for him any tribute da, s worldwide. I think it deserve this boy and his family too. It's a call I run to him who is able to meet this challenge