Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Breaking News: Randy Blue Now Shooting Bareback Scenes; Three Models Already Gone

So there have been rumors going around for months now that Randy Blue was going to become the next porn studio to start shooting bareback scenes and it looks like those rumors are true. I have seen it reported on several sites that the studio has indeed started shooting bareback scenes and that three models have already left the studio because of the switch. Reportedly some other models are thinking about leaving and the most recognizable of the studio's talent are refusing to shoot bareback scenes so the studio is allegedly actively scouting new talent; Hey Randy Blue, if you guys need a talent scout give me a call. ;)
The studio is not commenting on the switch at this time but performers are coming out and saying that while the studio does plan to become a condom AND bareback studio as of now they are only shooting bareback scenes to build up their library.
Randy Blue has allegedly been in financial trouble recently and has reportedly been relying on their webcam and live shows. The company also reduced their membership price to $9.95 in the hopes of attracting new subscribers but this, allegedly, did not help them get out of the financial hole they were in which is why they are crossing over to bareback scenes according to the rumors. The company has been in business 13 years and have always used condoms in all of their scenes. Other studios, such as Sean Cody, found that shooting bareback scenes raised their profit levels others, like Next Door Buddies didn't have that big of a financial increase and reverted back to condom only productions after shooting bareback stuff for most of 2014.
So what do you guys feel about this? I personally can neither condemn nor condone their actions since I work for a studio that does both condom and bareback scenes. (Helix is the studio I scout for in case any of you didn't know.) I see this as a business move and a strategy to raise profits and membership. The waves of the industry are changing and we are seeing more and more gay porn studios going the bareback route. It's not just the gay studios either. Pretty much all of the straight studios shoots condomless scenes, in fact, I'm more amazed when I see a guy in straight porn use a condom; and I can count those times on one hand.
Anyhoo, leave me some comments and let me know your thoughts. Are any of you subscribers or fans of Randy Blue? Will this move to bareback stuff make you a subscriber or fan? Leave your answer at the tone in the box below. *BEEP* :D


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