Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Michelle Austin Films Releases Debut Title: Trans Men Adventures 2: Men At Work

Alright sports fans get out your wallets and take off your clothes because this movie promises to be a hot one and a must own for fans of trans porn.
A sequel to Trans Men Adventures, this is the debut title from Michelle Austin Films who is pairing with Kennston Productions. Yep that's right, award winning star Michelle Austin will now also be producing and directing and this debut title promises to be hot as she is paired with not one but four trans men. I'm already melting. Those of you who know me know that I absolutely LOVE trans men! There's something so fucking beautiful and hot about them and when you have four of them paired with the stunningly gorgeous Michelle....Kennston just shut up and take my money!
The film also promises to be fun as it is a parody of the old porn clich├ęs and pokes fun at the old scenarios of the plumber, the handyman, the pizza guy and pool boy with corny dialogue and set ups. You also know the film is going to be good when out of the four men, three of them, Dicky Johnson, Chance Armstrong and Parker Reed, were all TEA award nominated performers for 2014. The film also marks the introduction of new FTM performer Eddie Wood.
The DVD also has some awesome bonus features including photos, interviews, bloopers and outtakes and an awesome solo scene from Dicky Johnson.
Trans Men Adventures 2 also marks the debut of director Ames Bexxx. Bexxx, a former photographer, also worked on the first Trans Men Adventures and was also nominated for a TEA award for best photography; so basically the people involved know what they're doing.
To read the full story and get the link to purchase the film head here: http://business.avn.com/articles/video/Michelle-Austin-Releases-Trans-Men-Adventures-2-Men-At-Work-591822.html
Congrats to all involved and here's to many more Trans Men Adventures!


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