Sunday, March 15, 2015

Breaking News: Jessie Returns To Sean Cody After A Year Long Hiatus!

That's right Sean Cody fans. The good folks over at Str8upgayporn are reporting that after being gone for a year power bottom Jessie is back and he is coming back with quite a splash doing a bareback scene with Cory in which Cory cums inside him not once but twice. Not only that but after Cory's first orgasm, Jessie sucks and licks Cory's cock clean. Cory's second orgasm is so intense that he also cums all over Jessie's balls. The scene ends, the only way it can with a scene this intense, with Jessie scooping up all of Cory's cum with his hand and licking his fingers and hands clean.
Now that my children is how you return to gay porn after taking a year off! I hope that Jessie sticks around for a while and, after this, I'm excited and curious to see what other scenes Sean Cody has in store for him and what he can do to top, no pun intended, this return.
For the full story, including some XXXtra hot pics, click here:
Welcome back Jessie!


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