Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christian Owens Has Left Hot House

Hope you guys are having a great St. Patrick's Day! So far mine has been uneventful but at least I'm able to use the time to bring you the latest industry news while working out the details of the last chapter of my book; I'm determined to finish it today.
Anyway, onto the porn news.
The good folks over at Str8upgayporn are reporting that director Christian Owens has left Hot House. No details or reason has been given but Owens' is quoted as saying that he remains supportive of the company and reps for Hot House were also reported as saying that they wish Christian well in his new endeavors.
Owens has also stated that he has some new projects coming out this year so we'll all have to keep an eye out for that. For the full story click here: http://str8upgayporn.com/exclusive-director-christian-owen-leaves-hot-house/
Christian good look in all your future projects! Looking forward to them.


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