Friday, March 27, 2015

Spotlight On Veronica Caine

If you are a wrestling fan, more specifically if you were are a fan of XPW, then you are no doubt familiar with Veronica Caine. She was basically the naughtier, trashier version of WCW's Miss Hancock or TNA's Miss Tessmacher. Veronica did the kind of things we fantasized Hancock and Tessmacher doing, separately and together, and that's why we love her!
She was born Leah Bassoni in Hollywood, CA on May 31st 1970, though I've seen some sources list the year as '78.
She was working as a stripper at The Kit Kat Club in Sunnyvale, CA before making her 1998 debut in the adult entertainment world with a string of pro-am and gonzo style videos using the names Ginger, Barrett Moore and Barreit Moore; get the last two? I think that's cleaver and kinda funny.
She was also a regular on The Howard Stern Show where she famously took a male listener's virginity after he won Caine in a contest. Lucky motherfucker.

She is most well-known in the industry though for the work she did with Extreme Associates under the Veronica Caine where she appeared in many of the films directed by her real life best friend Lizzie Borden.
In 2001 she joined XPW as a valet for the group The Enterprise and also had many feuds with Borden including one famous match where Caine was stripped completely naked in a match just before the lights in the arena went off.
After the closure of XPW, Caine worked for a while for Lucha Xtreme Wrestling and also as a promoter for Revolution Pro.

Caine also worked as a lap dancer and did some internet modeling for a while and in 2002 she posed for Oui Magazine and did a twelve page interview for them.
She retired from the industry a decade ago, back in 2005, and is currently married to wrestler Johnny Webb. The do currently reside in California.


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