Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vote For Your Favorite Helix Boy!

So as many of you know I work as one of the talent scouts for Helix and the good folks over at Str8upgayporn are having a little competition to determine who is the hottest Helix boy. I wish I could take credit for discovering these hotties but alas, they were all before my time at the company. I voted-not going to tell you who for so I can't be accused of bias or favoritism haha ;)-but the good thing is you can vote as often and as much as you like. To cast your vote head here: http://str8upgayporn.com/2015-battle-of-the-helix-twinks-round-1-which-twink-is-tops/ but hurry voting ends on Thursday March 12th.

The competition is as follows:

Kyle Ross:

Tyler Hill:

Blake Mitchell:
Troy Ryan:
Bastian Hart:

Congratulations boys! And may the best twink win.


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